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Lauhanvuori-Hämeenkangas UNESCO Global Geopark

The Lauhanvuori-Hämeenkangas UNESCO Global Geopark is located in western Finland, in the border area of three regions. In South Ostrobothnia, municipalities of the Geopark include Kauhajoki, Isojoki, and Karijoki; in Satakunta, Kankaanpää, Karvia, Jämijärvi, and Siikainen; and in Pirkanmaa, Parkano and Kihniö. For years, the municipalities have been developing the region to attain membership of the UNESCO Global Geopark network, in close cooperation with Metsähallitus, the Natural Resources Institute Finland, companies, associations, and residents, as well as numerous other partners.

The main geological theme of the Lauhanvuori-Hämeenkangas UNESCO Global Geopark is the development of the landscape from the ancient mountains to the current boglands. The region’s most internationally significant features are the long and complex geological history of Lauhanvuori, its valuable swamps, the Suosiluola Wolf Cave, and some of Finland’s finest open springs.

The Visit Suupohja area offers great geopark nature attractions, such as:

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