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Hyypänjoki River Valley

The Hyypänjoki River Valley is about a 20 km long, narrow, and relatively steep valley in the southern part of Kauhajoki. Its beautiful countryside has been defined as nationally valuable. In addition to the beautiful, open field landscape, you can also admire, for example, the old Ostrobothnian building complexes. The oldest buildings are mainly from the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th century.

You can admire the view from the roads on both sides of the valley. The best view is from the connecting roads leading across the valley. There is a network of walking paths in the area, which includes routes of 6–17 kilometres in the river valley. Most of the routes start from the Hyyppä cabin (Könnönkyläntie 25).You can also go around the  valley by car, as the roads to the east and west are connected to each other in the northern and southern parts of the valley.

Along the Pantintie road, which runs through the valley, there is an observation tower with a magnificent view of the river valley.

The video below has been created by Kauhajoki-Seura ry as part of the Kotiseututieto digiaikaan (Home Region to Digital Age) project (kauhajoki.net)

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