Arrival and connections

Suupohjan etäisyydet lähimpiin juna-asemiin ja lentokenttään.

The Suupohja area (incl. Kurikka) is located in southern Ostrobothnia. The area is bordered in the south by Satakunta and Pirkanmaa, and in the west by Ostrobothnia.

The best way to get to us is by your own car. The most convenient way of transportation within the area is also by car. For each municipality in the region: There are bus connections to Isojoki, Karijoki, Kauhajoki, Kurikka, and Teuva, although, for example, there are fewer buses running outside the school semesters. For example, with the popular OnniBus, you can get to Lake Jalasjärvi in Kurikka.

The nearest railway stations are in Seinäjoki, about 30 km from Kurikka and about 60 km from Kauhajoki, and in Parkano. The nearest airport is in Vaasa. It is about 70 km from Kurikka and 100 km from Kauhajoki.

The distances within the area are short and the roads are good. During the day, you can easily visit more than one destination, even if they are located in different municipalities.

Distances in Suupohja

  • Kauhajoki-Teuva 28 km
  • Kauhajoki-Isojoki 42 km
  • Kauhajoki-Karijoki 33 km
  • Kauhajoki-Kurikka 26 km
  • Kurikka-Isojoki 68 km
  • Kurikka-Karijoki 59 km
  • Kurikka-Teuva 48 km
  • Isojoki-Karijoki 30 km
  • Isojoki-Teuva 52 km
  • Karijoki-Teuva 22 km

Distances from elsewhere in Finland

  • Helsinki-Kauhajoki 357 km
  • Helsinki-Kurikka 349 km
  • Tampere-Kauhajoki 176 km
  • Tampere-Kurikka 167 km
  • Vaasa-Kauhajoki 101 km
  • Vaasa-Kurikka 77 km
  • Pori-Kauhajoki 124 km
  • Pori-Kurikka 178 km
  • Kristiinankaupunki-Kauhajoki 52 km
  • Kristiinankaupunki-Kurikka 86 km