Isojoki offers easy nature routes, especially from the Lauhanvuori National Park area. From the top of the highest mountain in western Finland, the spectacular scenery opens up to the forests and the sea in Ostrobothnia. The spacious pine and spruce forests of Lauhanvuori hide post-glacial beach formations, beautiful bodies of water, stunning natural springs.


Karijoki offers great nature trails, many of which also serve as ski routes in winter. The most famous site in Karijoki is probably Susiluola, which, based on the findings, is the oldest residence in the Nordic countries. Susiluola is located at the southern end of the Muinaisvuori trails in Karijoki and Teuva. Lying along the trails, lean-to shelters, huts and cabins offer the opportunity to rest and eat by a fire.


The routes offered by Kauhajoki are diverse, from which the tourist gets to choose their desired ones. What would a bike ride through the steep-sloped valleys and beautiful farming landscape of the Hyyppä River valley sound like? You can find yourself in the Lauhanvuori National Park in the shingle beaches and nature trails, or alternatively on the medieval route through the Kauhanevan-Pohjankanka National Park. Looking for a challenge may find themselves descending from the steep slopes of Katikankanjoni towards a creek valley.


The diverse Kurikka offers an extensive network of nature trails through which you can explore the diverse sites of our region during summer hiking and skiing in winter. The wild rock areas of Pirunpesä in Jalasjärvi, large marshlands of Niinistönjärvi in Kurikka and Levaneva nature reserve in Jurva are examples of the diverse natural sites in our region.


In Teuva, you should take the Muinaisvuori trails, along which there are many interesting sights and pleasant landscapes. The most diverse routes are around Parra and Suksenjärvi. The route network is also available during the snowy winter, when the routes are transformed into skiing tracks. In summer, the level of routes varies more, but even in this case, the surroundings of Parra are a good starting point. If starting from Teuva, you should head to Parra or Pappilankangas. If one is starting from Karijoki, the route starts just off the city centre.