Pantin näkötornista avautuvat upeat näkymät Hyypänjokilaaksolle.

Hyypänlaakso walking route

In the middle of Hyypänlaakso, there are marked walking routes between Korhoskylä and Panttikylä. They pass through varied landscapes along village and field roads, fallow fields, and forest paths. The lengths of the circular routes are 17, 10, and 6 km. There are four information and service points along the routes: The Hyyppä cabin (Könnönkyläntie 25), the Panttikylä bird-watching tower (Pantintie 63), Jokimäki school hut (Rantakuja 15), and the front yard of the Yli-Korhonen estate (Yliluhdantie 5). There is also a parking place in connection with the information and service points, from where it is easy to start a walking tour.

If you want to explore the extensive views of Hyyppä through the car window, it is best to drive zigzag from one side of the valley to the other, along the roads that run through the valley.

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