Alpon savanni (Alpo Savannah)

Alpo Savannah is a special zoo with palm tree paths on the border between South Ostrobothnia and Satakunta. It is not exactly a natural attraction but, due to the path passing through the multicoloured flock of animals, we have introduced its nature trails in the Landscapes and natural wonders categories.

Alpo Savannah, created by Folk artist Alpo Koivumäki, is located in the municipality of Nummijärvi, Kauhajoki. Alpo’s first work, “Kurki”, was created in 1995. At the moment, Alpo Savannah has more than 150 sculptures portraying different animals enjoying the shade of palm trees, and more are coming. Koivumäki makes his sculptures from waste materials; the main raw materials are metal, rubber, and plastic, which bend in the hands of the artist into many – mostly animal – forms.

The works are assembled in Alpo’s own yard, on an old potato field. The exhibition area has wood-chip-covered paths where visitors can admire the artwork. It is also possible to access the area with a wheelchair with the help of an assistant. Boards introducing visitors to the story behind Alpo’s sculptures (in Finnish and English) have been installed in the exhibition area. You can stroll around the Savannah freely but, whenever possible, someone from association Alpon Savanni ystävät ry will also present his works to visitors.

Alpo Savannah is a significant culture and nature attraction in Kauhajoki, which offers enjoyable moments to visitors of all ages.

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