Kaarlela park

The beautiful Kaarlela, owned by the Lions Club, has an area of about two hectares and is located near the centre of Päntäne. The area comprises old riverside meadows and forests, and it has mainly been used as grassland and pasture. About 1 hectare of the area is still open meadows, which have been managed by cutting back. The rest of the area consists of grove-like forests with predominantly decayed wood.

There is a sign to the park on Karijoentie, from where the road seems to lead to the yard of the house, but bends down sharply to the left. There is a car park for a few cars, and the walk from the car park to the park area is approximately 200 metres.
The area centres around the riverbed, and it is good for bird watching and as a nature destination, with species such as nightingales. The meadow area has varied vegetation, and in summer there are plenty of butterflies.
Small nature trails, several rest areas, a hut with a hood, a lean-to shelter, a barn, and a storage building have been built in the forest area. The barn and cottage have concrete floors and plenty of seating. There are several different information boards about the species and history of the area. Behind the barn, a small path from the shore leads to a beautiful riverfront with a lean-to shelter about 100 metres from the barn, where you can even swim.

There is a latrine in the area.

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