The steep-edged Katikankanjoni is a marvellously beautiful and soothing place. There are lots of old spruces and a carpet of soft moss. Walking in the forest, you can hear the birds singing and the water rushing.

Katikankanjoni is located in Kauhajoki, in the village of Kauhajärvi. The nature trail to Katikankanjoni starts from the car park, and after about one kilometre, the path descends steeply and crosses a bridge at the bottom. By climbing to the top of the hill right after the bridge, you can get to the top of a narrow ridge between the canyons, the “Kolme tuulen lakki” (cap of three winds). Walking at the bottom of the canyon, it is hard to believe that you are in South Ostrobothnia. The steep slopes rise almost vertically in some places, rising nearly twenty metres above the valley with the creek.

The two-kilometre route runs on the slopes of Katikankanjoni and at the bottom of the valley. The route has been levelled, but it still includes a few very steep slopes. The are steps in the steepest places, to facilitate access. Part of the route passes through dry moor terrain, and the nature trail has duckboards for crossing the few wet parts. There is a lean-to at the lookout spot of the route. Next to the lean-to, there is a wood storage room and a latrine. 

Katikankanjoni is part of the Kauhaneva-Pohjankangas National Park. Katikankanjoni is one of the Lauhanvuori-Hämeenkangas Unesco Global Geopark destinations.

The video below has been created by the association Kauhajoki-Seura ry as part of the “Kotiseututieto digiaikaan” (Digitising local traditional information) project (kauhajoki.net)



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