Hyypänjoki River Valley

The Hyypänjoki River Valley is about a 20 km long, narrow, and relatively steep valley in the southern part of Kauhajoki. Its beautiful countryside has


Mustasaarenkeidas, located in Isojoki, South Ostrobothnia, is part of a large marshland protection area maintained by Metsähallitus. It is a very peaceful and quiet destination. There

Susivuori observation tower

Susivuori is on the border between Karijoki and Kristiinankaupunki. A wooden observation tower is located at the top of Susivuori. The steps leading to the

Lake Niinistönjärvi

Lake Niinistönjärvi is a small, shallow, and swampy lake in Kurikka. The reason the lake is shallow and swampy is due to the drainage of

Suksenjärvi bird-watching towers

Lake Suksenjärvi is a swamp lake suitable for bird watching and as a hiking place for the whole family. A short, about 300-metre walk from


The highest mountain in Karijoki is Iso-Kakkori, which rises 145 m above sea level. There are two routes to Iso-Kakkori. The easier route starts from

Devil’s Nest

The Devil’s Nest was named by the local population, as in the past the Devil’s Nest was full of large stones, and the Devil was

Pahkapolku path and Pahkapesä hut

Viitalankylä in Kurikka has a 3.6-kilometre long Pahkapolku path leading to the Pahkavuori observation tower. Pahkakallio has an observation tower, next to which you can

Kauhaneva-Pohjankangas National Park

The Kauhaneva-Pohjankangas National Park is a gem of southern marshlands, a wilderness-like bird oasis along a medieval route. The Kyrönkangas road takes you through expansive


The Loukajanvuori observation tower is located in the village of Luova in Kurikka. The observation tower offers great views of the surrounding municipalities. There are

Kurjenkierros – The Maalarinmaa rest area

The Kurjenkierros route crosses the varied nature in the municipalities of Laihia, Jurva, and Ilmajoki. The route is signposted with orange labels within Laihia and