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Devil’s Nest

The Devil’s Nest was named by the local population, as in the past the Devil’s Nest was full of large stones, and the Devil was thought to live in the caverns between the stones. Children were warned that the devil may come and take them into his nest if the children got too close to this aperture.

The Devil’s Nest is a round aperture located on the top of Isovuori rock in the village of Ylivalli in Jalasjärvi. The aperture is approximately 14 metres in diameter and 23 metres deep. You can take the steps to the bottom, and you can admire the landscape miles away from the 21-metre  observation tower next to the nest. There is also a summer café nearby, and a memorial statue of Pertti  “Spede” Pasanen. In June 2005, a monument was erected near the Devil’s Nest to honour Spede Pasanen’s efforts to empty the Devil’s Nest. Pasanen’s interest in natural wonders made the Devil’s Nest a tourist attraction.

The Devil’s Nest has been 3D-modelled as part of a cooperation between the Virtual Villages (3D) in the Liiveri (Virtuaalikylat (3D) Liiverissä) project, Liiveri ry, and the rural development programme for Mainland Finland 2014–2020. You can check out the 3D modelling here.

In addition, the area has a kilometre-long nature trail and a guided hiking trail from the Devil’s Nest to Juustoportti, which is approximately 7.5 kilometres away. There is a cavern in the rock nearby called Kollinluola, where, according to a local legend, Juho, a man who was tired of living in the village in the 1840s, lived and supported himself on berries and hunting.

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