The Kalliokota lean-to shelter and observation tower

Kalliokota is located in the Myötämäenkalliot area of Tainuskylä in Jurva. The easiest way to get there is from the Sahanhaudan metsätie road, with a signposted route to the hut. The shortest route from the car park to the hut is about one kilometre. Starting towards the left, the route begins on a forest road, but then forks into a smaller path that starts to ascend towards the cliffs. The path is quite stony and covered with roots. Kalliokota is located at a high point, but it can be difficult to see from the middle of the forest.

The hut is large and in good condition. It has plenty of seating. The area also has a latrine and another campfire place. The hut is surrounded by many large cliffs.

As you continue past the second campfire place, the path leads to the observation tower, with views for dozens of kilometres around. Climbing to the observation tower is at your own risk! Firewood is also located at the observation tower.

There are several different routes from the observation tower back to the starting point, the shortest of which is an easy path of about 2 km.

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