Muinaisvuorten reitistön opas Pappilankankaalla.

Muinaisvuori trails

The backbone of the Muinaisvuori trails consists of a path that follows the remains of the ancient mountains (muinaisvuoret) along the line Parra-Kakkorinvuori-Suviori-Syhävuori. The trail includes several side trails and plenty of structures in Karijoki and Teuva.

The trails offer plenty of interesting details and entertaining scenery, even though the trails run through commercial forests. The trails are most versatile around Parra and Suksenjärvi. Pappilankangas also offers several trail options for exercise-oriented outdoor activities, but the nature there is more homogenous.

The most extensive network of trails is available in a snowy winter, when ski tracks cover almost all the trails. In summer, the level of the routes varies more, but even then the environment of Parra is a good starting point.

The surroundings of Kakkorinvuori, Peurajärvi, and Susiluola offer interesting details. Kakkorinvuori, for example, has an observation tower, a hut, and nature signs. In Karijoki, the route starts right from the city centre. Parra is approximately nine kilometres and Pappilankangas approximately five kilometres from the centre of Teuva.

Destinations on the Muinaisvuori trails:

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