Located in Komsinkylä, near the centre of Teuva, Pappilangas is one of the best outdoor recreation areas for the whole family. When you drive into the courtyard, you will find yourself in a moorland with pine forest and in a place that is managed wholeheartedly by the villagers of Teuva Rivakka parish village. The large and safe yard area has plenty to offer for both adults and children. The area has swings for children, a sandbox, Indian huts, and a twig hut that is especially appealing to children. In the area, you will find a forest track, exercise steps, and a small outdoor gym. In addition to the Pappilankangas ski lodge, there is also a barbecue hut and gazebo for barbecuing and socialising in the area.

You can take well-maintained walking routes of three, six, and ten kilometres from the ski lodge, and 1.5 kilometres from the lodge, and there is the tidy and cosy Karvahuuli lean-to shelter, which is always stocked with firewood. Along the walking trail, your attention is sure to be drawn to the beautiful creek, along which you can take the path from one side of the forest track to the other. There is also an 18-hole frisbee golf course near the forest track.

The village division of Teuva Rivakka parish village often organises events in Pappilangas. Popular running events are also organised in Pappilangas during the summer.

In snowy winters, you can enjoy excellent skiing opportunities in Pappalankangas with the whole family! There are more than 30 kilometres of cross-country skiing routes made by volunteers. The children have their own “skiing stadium”: with Bunny, Squirrel, Elf, and Bear tracks. Junior and youth skiing have become popular skiing events for the whole family. The nighttime Roumio outdoor track from Karvahuuli lean-to shelter to the ski lodge, and lit with outdoor candles, is an atmospheric option for a skiing trip for those who want to try out new experiences.

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