Laurilan laavu sijaitsee Muinaisreitistön varrella.

Hiking route/Ski track Parra-Loukaja-Äystö

The route is available for outdoor activities in both summer and winter. This route is suitable for day trips and as a part of a longer hike. There are damp areas on the route; hikers should be equipped with waterproof shoes, especially during the wet season. During the winter, a skiing trail is made on the route.

The route tracks along forest road for one and half a kilometres from the lean-to shelter towards Parra, and crosses a couple of swamps along the edges of ditches. This approximately 14 km long route tracks across varying landscapes. The landscapes are the most beautiful when crossing mount Paljasvuori near a large stone field. Laurila lean-to shelter, information boards, and Äystö forest hut, which is open only during skiing season, are on the route. The route is a part of the Muinaisvuori trails that connect Teuva and Karijoki.

From here, you can also continue to other hiking routes of the Muinaisvuori trails.

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