Lake Suksenjärvi route

The Lake Suksenjärvi route runs in Teuva from Parra leisure centre’s heath terrain, via Suksenjärvi, towards the Sivi cabin.

The route is available for outdoor activities both in summer and winter. This long route of about 8 kilometres is classified as a medium difficulty  route and is suitable for a day trip or as part of a longer hike. There are damp areas on the route; hikers should be equipped with waterproof shoes, especially during wet times. The route is marked by signs at crossroads, and in between those with route markers.

The route runs through varying landscapes, which include different kinds of managed forests, wetlands, and small fields. A diverse birdlife enjoys living at the overgrown lake Suksenjärvi. This route is the most versatile route in the varying terrain in Parra’s surroundings. The route runs along a groove made for a skiing trail, which is why the bottom is heavy-built in parts.

The route also runs along short stretches of forest roads and roads along the edges of ditches. The route has multiple service structures: two cabins open for staying overnight, two lean-to shelters, two bird-watching towers, and a few more campfire areas and latrines. The route has a functioning wood supply. The area works with the idea of litter-free hiking, which means each hiker takes their own litter away.

The route is a straight route, and it can be approached from the Luonto-Parra car park by following the signs.

The route is a part of the Muinaisvuori trails that connect Teuva and Karijoki. The route is a part of the Muinaisvuori trails that connect Teuva and Karijoki.

Points of interest along the trail:

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