Lake Komsinjärvi lean-to hut

The lean-to at Lake Komsinjärvi is located along the Pappilankangas routes of Teuva. Lake Komsinjärvi has become waterlogged, which means that despite the name, you will not be able take a refreshing dip on your journey.

You can choose where to go yourself, but the shortest route passes the Pappilankangas ski fence and continues straight along the jogging path. From the mailbox, the path is signposted with orange ribbons all the way to the lean-to hut. The path branches off from the jogging path and becomes quite small, meaning it is not accessible with a wheelchair or stroller. However, it is still an interesting destination to reach by mountain bike or walking.

In spring and summer, you can spot several different bird species in the swamp while having a picnic lunch. The lean-to hut has plenty of seating and wood storage.

There is a campfire place at the lean-to, as well as firewood. There is no rubbish bin at the lean-to hut.

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