Parran kuntorata.

Parra Fitness Track/Ski track

A lighted fitness trail circles Parra’s slopes and is accessible all year round. A total of five kilometres of the track can also be taken in shorter walks. There is a stone field and a more than 400-year-old pine tree along the track. From the top of the ski slope, you have an extensive view of the surrounding landscape. There is a lot of climbing on routes with terrain. There are campfire shelters, lean-to shelters, and a beach with its structures near the routes.

In winter, depending on the snow conditions, a ski track is made on the fitness track. You can turn on the lighting yourself. The light post can be found on the edge of the parking area. The route is a part of the Muinaisvuori trails that connect Teuva and Karijoki.

From here, you can also continue to other hiking routes of the Muinaisvuori trails.

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