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Versatile Parra

The Luonto-Parra area has good hiking and skiing facilities. There are many nature trails and fitness trails that are suitable for both short and longer hiking trips. In snowy winters, the area has a comprehensive network of skiing trails. The trails are maintained by the municipality of Teuva. Some trails are also maintained by the volunteers of the sports club Rivakka.

The Parra swimming ponds invite you for a refreshing swim in the summer and are open for ice swimming in the winter.

Luonto-Parra also has a 18-hole disc golf course set in diverse forest, which is open to everyone. The course is maintained by volunteers.

In addition to the main building Parramaja, the yard also houses the Pauli Nevala hall, with good facilities for birthday parties and other events, as well as meetings and training courses. Metsäkirkko (forest church) is an old maisonette that has been repurposed as a shrine.

The Parra cabin, with its wooden hut, forms its own little yard in the forest and is available for rental. The Luonto-Parra yard is also home to a special attraction, a 24-metre-high spear. The statue was erected in honour of the local Olympic winner Pauli Nevala.

The nearby Snowpark Parra offers skiing in the winter. There is also a practice course and a sledding hill for children. The yard of Snowpark Parra also has several campfire places and lean-to shelters with views of the slopes. Find out more:


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