Parran uimalammen laituri ja pelastusvene.

Parra’s swimming ponds, barbecue shelter, and gazebo

The ponds operate as a public beach. There are two dressing rooms for swimmers on the beach.

The ponds enrich Nature-Parra’s constructed landscape, yard, and event area. The large rental saunas in the Parramaja hut together with swimming is a good combination in the cold season – weekly winter swimming is a popular hobby.

The ponds are built for both recreational use and for water needs. In winter, the ponds donate part of their water to Snowpark Parra’s slopes.

There is also a barbecue shelter and a gazebo in the immediate vicinity of the swimming ponds. A municipal wood supply caters to the barbecue shelter.

Toilet facilities open to the public can be found in the main building of Nature-Parra on the side of the pond.

Kohteen tiedot päivitetty: 4.7.2023