It is worth heading to Pietarinkoski to enjoy the noise of the rapids and the beautiful scenery. The ruins of an old mill can also

Särkikoski sawmill and mill

Old sawmill and mill on Nummijärvi, Kauhajoki. Sawmill was founded in 1845. The facility has been restored by Voitto Luoma for museum use.

Hyypänjoki River Valley

The Hyypänjoki River Valley is about a 20 km long, narrow, and relatively steep valley in the southern part of Kauhajoki. Its beautiful countryside has


Mustasaarenkeidas, located in Isojoki, South Ostrobothnia, is part of a large marshland protection area maintained by Metsähallitus. It is a very peaceful and quiet destination. There

Susiluola (Wolf cave)

The Susiluola cave is a unique attraction, as there is nothing quite like it in the Nordic countries. According to current information, the cave is

Susivuori observation tower

Susivuori is on the border between Karijoki and Kristiinankaupunki. A wooden observation tower is located at the top of Susivuori. The steps leading to the

Tammi lean-to shelter and Myllypato

A fine, new lean-to shelter is located on Karijoki beach at the edge of a spruce forest – the Tammi lean-to shelter. The lean-to shelter

Ohriluoma hut and cable bridge

Next to the Ohriluoma cable bridge, there is a small, well-maintained hut, in front of which there is a group of tables suited for a

Jyllinkoski Electric Park

Jyllinkoski’s old power plant is surrounded by immensely beautiful rapids. There is a nature trail to Kiskonniemi and along it an observation platform at the

Lake Niinistönjärvi

Lake Niinistönjärvi is a small, shallow, and swampy lake in Kurikka. The reason the lake is shallow and swampy is due to the drainage of