The Järvi-Tarkka nature reserve in Kauhajoki is a 49-hectare farm complex located on the shores of Lake Aikalanjärvi or Lake Uuron. The farm has been in a natural state for a long time, i.e. it is a diverse complex of mainly spruce and mixed forest and old field meadows that are becoming overgrown. The reserve also includes several old log buildings. The farm is as if frozen in time, which we and future generations will be able to admire. The farm had been deserted for only a dozen years before it was taken over by the Natural Heritage Foundation. The former owner lived on the farm until he was 90.

Järvi-Tarka’s land is undrained and there are no signs of logging in the forests. There are small areas of open bog in the landscape. Protected, the forested areas are allowed to develop in peace and enrich their biodiversity from year to year. The Järvi-Tarkka farm and its areas also provide a good refuge for many animal species. The waters are home to a trout, an otter and an Eurasian beaver (or European beaver), and the forests are home to a flying squirrels. As far as birds are concerned, the area is known to be home to at least the European nightjar, the loon and the hen harrier. So it’s worth taking your time to look around and observe, as there is plenty to see and wonder about.

In the Järvi-Tarkka area, everyone is entitled to roam freely (“Everyman’s Right”), but with respect for nature! It is a nature reserve and does not contain any camping structures. You should also exercise caution in a natural area.


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