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Lauhavuori National Park – Terrace circuit

The name of the terrace circuit derives from the fact that the route encompasses embankments formed after the Ice Age, also known as terraces.

The terrace circuit can be started from two places, either from the Lauhanvuori observation tower or from the Spitaalijärvi parking lot.

The circular route comprises 9 kilometres of terrain that is easy, but steep in places. There are signs along the route, and it is intended to be followed counter-clockwise. The route passes the service infrastructure of Spitaalijärvi and the observation tower on the top of Lauhanvuori mountain. The observation tower is open during the summer.

The small potato field near the top of Lauhanvuori serves as a reminder of the old way of growing potatoes on high slopes to avoid frost. You can take a break and swim in the lake, although there is no official beach. Traditionally, the water of Spitaalijärvi was believed to have healing properties, and in the past it has even been exported to Russian princes. From Spitaalijärvi, the path gradually rises back to the top of Lauhanvuori.

The Lauhanvuori destinations are also destinations of the Lauhanvuori-Hämeenkangas UNESCO Global Geopark.

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