Kakkori’s ski track/fitness track

Route is located in Karijoki. Track is 2,5 km long. The route starts from the yard of Kakkori’s hut. In winter, a ski track is

Track of Pappilankangas

Track of Pappilankangas is located in Teuva. It is 3 km long and illuminated all the way. In snowy winters there is a ski track.

Hyypänjoki River Valley

The Hyypänjoki River Valley is about a 20 km long, narrow, and relatively steep valley in the southern part of Kauhajoki. Its beautiful countryside has

Scout’s Trail

The Scout’s Trail leads through a fine mossy spruce forest. There is a large hut and lean-to shelter along a 1.8 kilometre long route along


Located in Komsinkylä, near the centre of Teuva, Pappilangas is one of the best outdoor recreation areas for the whole family. When you drive into

Jyllinkoski Electric Park

Jyllinkoski’s old power plant is surrounded by immensely beautiful rapids. There is a nature trail to Kiskonniemi and along it an observation platform at the

Lake Niinistönjärvi

Lake Niinistönjärvi is a small, shallow, and swampy lake in Kurikka. The reason the lake is shallow and swampy is due to the drainage of

Lake Suksenjärvi route

The Lake Suksenjärvi route runs in Teuva from Parra leisure centre’s heath terrain, via Suksenjärvi, towards the Sivi cabin. The route is available for outdoor

Parra Fitness Track/Ski track

A lighted fitness trail circles Parra’s slopes and is accessible all year round. A total of five kilometres of the track can also be taken


The Nuijapoloku trail is located in the village of Tuiskula in Kurikka. The Nuijapoloku trail serves as a reminder of the peasant rebellion that broke


The highest mountain in Karijoki is Iso-Kakkori, which rises 145 m above sea level. There are two routes to Iso-Kakkori. The easier route starts from