Närvijoki leisure area

The Närvijoki leisure area offers comprehensive leisure opportunities. In the area there is an in-ground swimming pool, a smoke sauna, a wood sauna, a kiosk,


The Hiukkajärvi lake in Kauhajoki has a nice, sandy, and clear-water beach. The beach deepens quite quickly. Sausages can be roasted in the barbecue shelter;

River Suojoki

There is a cosy place for sauna and sausage frying on the beach of the river Suojoki. There is a sauna, dressing rooms, a latrine,


There is cosy beach in Peurajärvi, Karijoki. On the shore of a small lake, you will find everything you need for a summer’s day. On

Myrkky Leisure Centre

The Myrkky leisure centre offers a wide range of sports services. In the area, you will find an outdoor swimming pool, a frisbee golf course,

Hirvijärvi beach

A beach in Jalasjärvi, Kurikka. No lifeguards; water samples are taken regularly. Hirvijärvi is also a great destination for birdwatchers; you can see thousands of

Lake Säläisjärvi

Säläisjärvi’s sandy beach is located about 3 kilometres from the centre of Jurva, facing the river Kauhajoki. There is a good dock on the beach

Pitkämö beach

Pitkämö beach in Kurikka is well equipped. There is a large dock, tidy locker rooms, a playground, and three beach volley courts on the beach.

Lake Saarijärvi beach

Lake Saarijärvi beach is located on Route 3, about 20 km from Jalasjärvi in the direction of Parkano. Near the beach, you can find resting