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Lake Saarijärvi beach

Lake Saarijärvi beach is located on Route 3, about 20 km from Jalasjärvi in the direction of Parkano. Near the beach, you can find resting places and campfire places. Lake Saarijärvi is an excellent destination for fishers. A 200-metre long fishing dock has been built on the lake. Safe and easy fishing for people with reduced mobility has been taken into account in the design of the fishing dock. The dock is an excellent place for casting, especially for those who fly fish, but it also allows for lure fishers to fish in even larger area of the lake. Often, there are also fish hiding under the dock, so it is also worth fishing close to the dock, and during weak ice in the spring and autumn, it is practical to ice fish from the dock.

A resting shelter with a hut kitchen is located at the south end of the dock, and a fish gutting place is located at the north end.

700-metre-long duckboards have been built to ease moving and fishing on the southern beach of the lake.

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