Lake Säläisjärvi

Säläisjärvi’s sandy beach is located about 3 kilometres from the centre of Jurva, facing the river Kauhajoki. There is a good dock on the beach and a beach ball field. A popular camping site is located near the beach. It has a café, children’s playgrounds, changing rooms, and toilets on the beach. The beach is clean and cosy, so the whole family will enjoy it. Sälli’s circular nature trail is a 4-kilometre route around the lake. Some of it runs along the lakeshore on a road, and some on duckboards and paths. The path also leads to even longer jogging paths. There is a frisbee golf course with 23 holes on Lake Säläisjärvi beach. Campfire places can also be found on Lake Säläisjärvi beach. In winter, illuminated ski tracks begin at Lake Säläisjärvi, and they lead to the nearby terrain, and longer ski trails to, for example, Lake Niinistönjärvi.

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