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Mill lean-to shelter

Would you like to enjoy the view during a barbecue, or would you like to sit in the sun as it is shining behind the lean-to shelter? You may like to change direction.
In the village of Kärjenkoski in Isojoki, this can be done thanks to the rotating lean-to shelter, so you can choose the direction based on the view or weather, simply by turning the lean-to shelter. There are approximately 12 seats and a barbecue with an extractor hood in the lean-to shelter.
The road extends to the other side of the river, from where a bridge made for light traffic takes you to the lean-to shelter. In the lean-to shelter on the edge of the field by the river Kärjenjoki, you can listen to the rustling of the river and enjoy the vast scenery. There was once a mill on the river bank, hence the name Mill lean-to shelter.

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