Pirunkierroksen kyltti.

Lauhavuori National Park – Pirunkierros

The Pirunkierros trail will get you acquainted with the ancient sandstone formations of Lauhanvuori, the beaches, and the development of marshes. Right at the starting point is the biggest stone field in Lauhanvuori, the  Kivijata Stone Field. The Pirunkierros trail passes by the Leikkistenkangas lean-to shelter, well, and dry latrine. There is also a well at the Leikistenkangas rest area, but we recommend boiling the water, as it is not sampled. Bring your own latrine paper. Pirunkierros is a 4.5 km long circular trail that is signposted and intended to be followed clockwise. Making a detour to the Aumakivi Rock and Aumakalliot, near the Kivajata Stone Field, adds about 2 km to the length. The Lauhanvuori destinations are also destinations of the Lauhanvuori-Hämeenkangas UNESCO Global Geopark.

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