Kangasjärven rannalla kasvaa koivuja, kauemmpana näkyy laituri ja hyppytorni.


Near Lauhanvuori on the Isojoki River, you can find Lake Kangasjärvi, with clear water and an abundance of fish. Kangasjärvi is a popular summer resort for locals and even for people from further afield. The campsite is especially popular with families with children.

The water of Kangasjärvi is clear and refreshing. The clarity and coolness of the water in the lake is due to the water originating from fountains instead of flowing from rivers.

There are about ten camping cottages, sites for camper vans, and a camping area. During the opening hours of the campsite, two saunas near the beach is heated, where you can enjoy gentle steam followed by a refreshing swim. There is a small fee for the use of the saunas, which can be paid upon arrival at the kiosk. During the campsite opening hours, the kiosk also offers delicious ice cream and hearty burgers to satisfy your hunger. The two campfire places, together with a barbecue hut and a canopy, also offer ample facilities for roasting sausages and enjoying your own provisions.

The waterfront area on the shore of Lake Kangasjärvi is owned by the municipality of Isojoki and is open for use by everyone. In the summer, the entrepreneur operating the campsite is responsible for its services. The sandy beach offers plenty of room for children to play, as well as a large playground. There are two piers in the area, one of which also has a jump tower. There is also a volleyball court on the beach.

In winter, it is possible to do winter swimming in Kangasjärvi. The association Suupohjan avantouimarit ry is responsible for the activities.

Latrines and locker rooms can be found in the outbuilding.

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