The Hiukkajärvi lake in Kauhajoki has a nice, sandy, and clear-water beach. The beach deepens quite quickly. Sausages can be roasted in the barbecue shelter;

River Suojoki

There is a cosy place for sauna and sausage frying on the beach of the river Suojoki. There is a sauna, dressing rooms, a latrine,

Lauhanvuori-Hämeenkangas UNESCO Global Geopark

The Lauhanvuori-Hämeenkangas UNESCO Global Geopark is located in western Finland, in the border area of three regions. In South Ostrobothnia, municipalities of the Geopark include

Ikkeläjärvi beach

There are signs to the beach from the Ikkeläjärvi road. The last kilometre or so is a dirt road. The Ikkeläjärvi beach has a jetty,