Tattari lean-to shelter

Lean-to shelter located in Perälä, Teuva, on Tattarinkallio, next to the power line. The old rock lean-to on the site serves as a wood storage.

Turning point of the locomotive

An old turning point for locomotives has been preserved in its original state (pit and rails) in Perälä, Teuva. At the turning point, the locomotive

Karvahuuli lean-to shelter

The Karvahuuli lean-to shelter is located along the jogging path of Pappilankangas. There is a campfire place in front of the lean-to. You can access

Kauppilankylä truss-framed bridge

In the Kauppilankylä area of Teuva there is a truss-framed bridge in the middle of stunningly beautiful countryside. The map link points to the yard

The moving stone of Teuva

Near Sivi, there is an area that is called the “Land of the moving stone”. Currently, there is no moving stone, but it has been


Versatile Parra The Luonto-Parra area has good hiking and skiing facilities. There are many nature trails and fitness trails that are suitable for both short

Laurilan lean-to shelter

A lean-to shelter and campfire place located along the Muinaisvuori trails. The lean-to is situated next to a road, making it accessible by car, if

Kalasson lean-to shelter

The lean-to is located along the Parra-Suksenjärvi-Pappilangas hiking trail. It is located in the open area by the Lautamäen metsätie forest road. There is a

Kirvesmäki court stones

The Kirvesmäki court stones are located in the Äystö area of Teuva. The court stones were used in 1500–500 BC. It is believed that the

Lake Komsinjärvi lean-to hut

The lean-to at Lake Komsinjärvi is located along the Pappilankangas routes of Teuva. Lake Komsinjärvi has become waterlogged, which means that despite the name, you