Parran talvipuistossa voit valita neljän eri tulipaikan välillä. On keltainen, sininen, punainen ja puun värinen grillikatos.

Parra Winter Park – village of four barbecue buildings

Next to the Parra ski slopes is a village of four barbecue buildings. You can choose between a red, blue, yellow, or log-brown barbecue place. All four barbecue buildings have a fireplace, but you have to bring the firewood yourself. The buildings are accessible by car. During the skiing season, Winter Park also provides a maintained sledging slope covered with snow, which, like the barbecue buildings, is open to outdoor enthusiasts.

During the summer time, you can exercise by walking up the slope. The slopes have trails that lead all the way to the top. There are also beautiful lean-to shelters on both slopes, where you can sit and admire the scenery. There are no fireplaces on the slopes.

Toilets are also available during the opening hours of the ski slopes.

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