Pässinrämäkän kuuset ovat niin jykeviä, ettei ihmisen kädet yllä kuin puoliväliin.

Old-growth spruces of Viiatti

The most important old forest area in Teuva is located in Viiatti, and the giant spruces in Pässinrämäkkä are the tallest in South Ostrobothnia. The Pässinrämäkkä area is a part of a protection programme for old forests, and part of it has been purchased as a nature conservation area for the state.

You can get from the giant spruces to  Aittakallio lean-to shelter through the old-growth forest. It is located on the highest point of Teuva, 178 metres above sea level. When sitting at the lean-to shelter, the height can barely be noticed, as the tall trees effectively mask visibility.

Norinkylä’s peaceful forest roads are ideal for summer bike trips.

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