Hirsinen laavu sijaitsee mäntymetsän siimeksessä kallioisella paikalla.

Lean-to shelter of Hannes

The Laitasaari outdoor area is located in Harjankylä, in the borderlands of Kauhajoki and Kurikka. The address leads to the courtyard of the youth-club house. Several jogging paths of different lengths on varying terrain and, in snowy winters, also ski tracks begin from the yard. There is a spacious hut in the yard where you can roast sausages.

There several lean-to shelters along the hiking trails. The nearest one, the lean-to shelter of Hannes, is 1.5 km away from the hut on a cliff, in a beautiful rocky landscape. On the rocky terrain, you can run into snakes, so you should wear rubber boots. The ascent to the lean-to shelter is quite demanding and covered with roots, stumps, and rocks. However, it is easy to find the path. Take your own firewood with you.

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