Hirsinen kota havumetsän keskellä. Hirsi kauniin harmaan värinen. Aurinko paistaa kotaan kuvaajan takaa.


Laitasaari is a nice outdoor area for the whole family, located in Harjankylä between Kauhajoki and Kurikka. There is a spacious hut in the yard where you can roast sausages. We recommend that you bring your own firewood.

Next to the car park, you will find a children’s playground that has seen its best days.

The 4 km long, illuminated Laitasaari fitness track is suitable for walking, running, and skiing in snowy winters. The track passes by several lean-to shelters. The nearest one, the Hannes lean-to shelter, is 1.3 km away from the hut, on a cliff in a beautiful rocky landscape.

From here, you can also start a longer hike on the Autiomaan retkeilyreitti route.

Kohteen tiedot päivitetty: 13.9.2023