Ruuhinevalla sijaitsee lukuisia rakennuksia mm kaksi saunaa.


The amazing Kammikylä is located at Lake Nummijärvi in the Ruuhineva area of Kauhajoki. In Kammikylä, you will find the Turvekammi sauna, a smoke sauna, the Neva island with a campfire place, and Julumetun sali hall.

Kammikylä springs from the imaginative desire of one man, Erkki Kalliomäki, to build something unprecedented. The place was mainly built with manual labour, with only a few spots that needed machines to finish.

Ruuhineva is a place of silence, and you are free to visit Kammikylä. However, please avoid making an open fire at the side, especially in the summer when the swamp is dry.

If you want to hold an event at the Julumetun sali hall, or to enjoy the steam of one of the saunas, please contact Erkki Kalliomäki for bookings.

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