Laitasaari ski tracks

Laitasaari ski tracks are on Laitasaari fitness track in Kauhajoki. There are three different routes which are Siljan lenkki 2 km, 4 kilometer long track

Rinnemäki ski track

Rinnemäki ski track is located on Rinnemäki fitness track and it is 2,3 km long. You can ski both cross country and free skiing styles.

Pukkila school ski track

Pukkila school ski track is cross country ski track which is located on a field next Pukkila school. Ski track is suitable for beginners.

Filppula school ski tracks

Ski track is located next Filppula school and kindergarten. There is also little bit longer ski track which goes on in nearby field.

Aro’s kindergarten ski track

Aro’s kindergarten ski track is short ski track on a field next to kindergarten. The ski track is not challenging.


It is worth heading to Pietarinkoski to enjoy the noise of the rapids and the beautiful scenery. The ruins of an old mill can also

Särkikoski sawmill and mill

Old sawmill and mill on Nummijärvi, Kauhajoki. Sawmill was founded in 1845. The facility has been restored by Voitto Luoma for museum use.

Hangonkangas lean-to shelter

Hangonkangas lean-to shelter is located along Lumikankaantie.  The lean-to shelter belongs to Päntäneen metsästysseura so in hunting season you can get hunters to accompany you.