Destinations of Suupohja surprise all year round

Suupohja offers great opportunities for navigating nature all year round, as the scenery captures many atmospheres. The river valleys conquered by fields and villages are the body of the landscape, but the wealth is found everywhere. Varied landscapes, unique natural attractions and captivating details are the strengths of nature in Suupohja. There is enough research for the first time for a guest coming to the area, but equally well for those who have lived in the area for a long time. The nature of Suupohja knows how to surprise. At Visit Suupohja you can find easy access places for the whole family, where you can enjoy nature and good food. There are destinations throughout the region for longer hiking and camping.

Usvainen kuva männyistä.
Photo: Ismo Nousiainen / Taikapolku

The conquest of nature is facilitated by a variety of routes and breaks, as well as small roads and paths offering their own discoveries. Villages, municipalities and other actors have been actively building the network of natural sites. For those who walk their own trails, more peaceful and light-built destinations can also be found.

The emergence of Lauhanvuori-Hämeenkangas Global Geopark as part of the UNESCO network of geoparks has brought new routes and structures to many natural sites. New and renewed sites offer to see in many familiar locations. The village and field roads open up routes to village landscapes with traditions. From different corners of Suupohja, the opportunities offered by the local landscape and examples from the neighbouring areas have been exploited. The core of the river valley is often left hidden. Rivers running in the middle of the crops are often accessible only from bridges. Fortunately, there are more sites in Suupohja to explore the lushness of the riversides and the sound of the rapids.

Pantintien näkötornista avautuvat upeat näkymät Hyypänjokilaaksolle.
Hyypänjoki River Valley. Photo: Aili Raudla-Majakangas

In populated landscapes, small and variable roads are bicyclist freeways. It’s easy to navigate on minor roads on all kinds of bikes, but electrically assisted bikes tame the winds of the fields — some think going out for a bike ride reverses the wind direction. On foot, the kilometres change slowly but the journey is more memorable, as the details of the landscape can be seen better. Maybe there’s something edible along the trail, berries or perhaps mushrooms.

Kuvassa kippo, jossa on kypsiä lakkoja.
Photo: Ismo Nousiainen / Taikapolku

Moving to the forests and forest paths opens up a different dimension to the Suupohja landscapes. The economic forests have well and less efficiently managed landscapes and the trip can also be directed to almost untouched forests. In addition to the flat landscapes, hill terrains surprising to expectations can be found in the area, rising above the rest of the landscape. Although the slopes of the hills do not reach the dimensions of the mountains, differences in elevation bring liveliness and appropriate variation to the landscape. Lingering traveller will find lots of fine details on rocky slopes.

Lapsia temmeltämässä Kakkorin vuoren huipulla.
Kakkori mountain. Photo: Ismo Nousiainen / Taikapolku

The forests are interspersed with fine swampland where you can experience the original spirit of nature. You can get to know the marsh environment more easily with the whole family by heading to duckboards where you can get into the mood effortlessly and safely. You get the most authentic experience if you venture to walk well beyond the paths to the middle of the swamp.

The active villages of Suupohja have built a lot of great destinations for general use. Some of the lean-to shelters are easily accessible and suitable for hikers of all fitness. There are also longer routes or more varied services around a few of the lean-to shelters. The widest route sets often take to nature reserves managed by Metsähallitus, such as Lauhanvuori National Park and Levaneva Nature Reserve. In addition to these, the municipalities and cities of Suupohja maintain a few longer routes, which allow even a few days of hiking.

Talvisessa kuvassa on ihmisiä laavulla istumassa, etualalla kaksi seisovaa ihmistä ja suksia.
Rauhankangas lean-to shelter. Photo: Ismo Nousiainen / Taikapolku

Natural sites can be hiked in many forms with either a smaller or larger group, each according to their own taste. The most popular destinations may have even small traffic on the best days, but most often you can enjoy nature at your own pace. On guided tours, nature shows itself with newest eyes as you delve deeper into the details and backgrounds of nature.

A single destination does not come ready at once, as seasons, weather and times of day bring moods to life. A familiar destination will appear in a new light, for example after the first snow or in the light of the headlamps when the darkness of the autumn evening has descended.

The destinations of Suupohja surprise all year round.

Ismo Nousiainen / Taikapolku