Lukkopesän laavu sijaitsee pururadan varressa.

Lukkopesä lean-to shelter

This large lean-to is located near the centre of Kurikka, by the jogging path of the ice rink Paavali. Inside the lean-to shelter, there is a campfire place and wide bunks, so overnighting at the lean-to is also possible. Behind the lean-to, there is a wood storage and usually there is plenty of wood. However, as the lean-to is in very active use, it is advisable to bring your own firewood.

In front of the lean-to, there is a memorial called Tähtäin (crosshair) by the Kurikka reservists’ association.

In snowy winters, a ski track passes next to the lean-to shelter.

Kohteen tiedot päivitetty: 19.10.2021