Kurjen kierros – Särkinen wilderness hut

The Kurjenkierros route crosses the varied nature in the municipalities of Laihia, Jurva, and Ilmajoki. The route is signposted with orange labels within Laihia and Jurva, and with yellow labels on the Ilmajoki side. The route of the Levaneva nature reserve is 13 km long and marked with blue labels. It circles beautiful swamp landscapes, with short stretches through various small forests and the woods on the edges of the swamp. The route is easy to walk, and all marshy sections are equipped with duckboards. When travelling along the route, please take into account that the duckboards can be slippery, depending on the weather conditions. The route is suitable for beginners.

The nature trail to Särkinen is part of the 50 km long Kurjenkierros trail maintained by Metsähallitus. The start of the trail at the Peräkylä car park is well signposted. The path to the Särkinen wilderness hut is 2 km long in one direction and runs mainly on duckboards. The trail passes through beautiful bog landscape and some forested areas. You can overnight in the Särkinen wilderness hut, and camping is allowed in the yard area. The hut has a heating stove, and the yard has a campfire place and a wood storage room. There is a latrine behind the storage.

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