Kuvassa kaksi ihmistä kävelevät joen rannalla polulla.


Enjoy the sound of rushing water and natural peace while walking on Kohinapolku. The Nummijoki river flows near the old Nummikoski school, with two long rapids that create a nice background noise. The river shore is downstream of the Säkkiharjuntie bridge towards the Natura area, meaning it is in its natural state. The path is short, but deserves its name of “the humming path”. Nature plays the melody of different seasons in different tones, depending on whether the water level is low or high in the river. Along the path, the terrain varies, with a duckboard bridge crossing over the wettest spot.

This property is also suitable for families with small children.
In the future, we hope to continue the path from the campfire place further along the rapids.
For the time being, you must bring your own firewood for the campfire place.
You can also order campfire service, to have a campfire and coffee ready and waiting for you when you arrive. Tel. +358 (0)40 8370 236/Päivi

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