Isoomäki hut and lean-to shelter

The Isoomäki hut and lean-to shelter are located in the Sarvijoki forests. You can get 500 metres away from them by car, as long as you remember to be careful with the rocks. Vehicles can be parked at a junction of four roads, from where you will continue to the right and, when the road branches off, to the left. A slightly overgrown forest road leads to the lean-to shelter.

The lean-to shelter and the hut are in the same courtyard. The hut is clean, equipped with a hood, and quite large; there are plenty of seats. There is also a campfire place and benches in front of the lean-to shelter. There is a woodshed with an axe and a saw, but firewood may not always be available. Various nature trails begin from the campfire places.

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