Säläisjärvi ski track/fitness tracken

The trails of Lake Säläisjärvi are near the center of Jurva. The trails go around the caravan area and past the biathlon stadium. From Säläisjärvi there

Luopajärvi ski track

A 5 km long partially illuminated cross-country ski trail in Jalasjärvi Luopajärvi, Kurikka.

Korven jotos

There are several routes in Korven jotos and you can choose the one you prefer. They run through the terrain of Korvenkylä and Hakuni in

Laitasaari ski tracks/fitness tracks

The fitness trail of Laitasaari in Kauhajoki is located on the border between Kurikka and Kauhajoki. You have the option to choose from a 2

Sivi lean-to shelter

The clean lean-to shelter is located right next to Sivi forest road, so the lean-to shelter can also be reached by car, if necessary. A

Sivi open wilderness hut

Sivi open wilderness hut is located on the Sivi forest road in Teuva. The hut has a fireplace and a sauna. There is a firewood

Muinaisvuori trails

The backbone of the Muinaisvuori trails consists of a path that follows the remains of the ancient mountains (muinaisvuoret) along the line Parra-Kakkorinvuori-Suviori-Syhävuori. The trail

Pahkapolku path and Pahkapesä hut

Viitalankylä in Kurikka has a 3.6-kilometre long Pahkapolku path leading to the Pahkavuori observation tower. Pahkakallio has an observation tower, next to which you can

Riista hut

The well-kept Riista hut is a great place to hike to. The area is accessible and suitable for families with children. The parking area is