Laitasaari ski tracks/fitness tracks

The fitness trail of Laitasaari in Kauhajoki is located on the border between Kurikka and Kauhajoki. You have the option to choose from a 2

Rinnemäki ski track/fitness track

Rinnemäki fitness track is is 2,3 km long. In the winter, a ski track is prepared on the route. You can ski both cross country

Vanhakylä’s fitness track/ski track

The Vanhankylä fitness trail in Isojoki is approximately 800 meters long and is illuminated for its entire length. The skiing track is easy in terms

Myrkky’s illuminated ski tracks/Fitness tracks

In Myrkky, Karijoki, Myrkky’s recreational center offers several ski tracks that also serve as fitness trails during the summer. Myrkky’s illuminated ski track/fitness trail is

Sotka’s ski tracks/fitness tracks

In Sotka, there is a comprehensive fitness trail network, and during the winter, a skiing track network is prepared on the trail. There are also

Nummijärvi’s ski tracks/fitness tracks

In the Nummijärvi area, there are several fitness trails. During the winter, skiing tracks are prepared on these trails as weather conditions permit. You can

Polvenkylä’s ski track/fitness track

The fitness trail in Polvenkylä, located in Kurikka, is 1.5 km in length and is fully illuminated. During the winter, a skiing track is prepared

Parra Fitness Track/Ski track

A lighted fitness trail circles Parra’s slopes and is accessible all year round. A total of five kilometres of the track can also be taken